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  1. Your home may not be worth what you think
    The biggest shock most sellers face is the true value of their homes, either determined by one or more agents in comparable market analysis reports or through actual offers from Buyers.
  1. People won’t love your home like you do
    You love your home and fully expect others to appreciate the same qualities in it that you do, but Buyers have their own lifestyles, preferences, taste and attitudes. In fact, Buyers will look at your home with one eye to how they can make it their own. Then they will love it like you do.  It may hurt your feelings that the Buyer will find every little flaw possible with the home and use that knowledge to negotiate the home’s price downward.  Don’t let yourself think that what was good enough for you and your family should be good enough for the Buyer. Keep in mind that selling your home can be fiercely competitive.
  1. Sooner or Later You may lose your temper
    Your relationship with the Buyer will be one of love/hate. The Buyer is an adversary because she/he wants to pay the least amount for your home, while you want to net the most possible.

    The Buyer, in order to improve bargaining leverage, may pick your home apart. Some of the Buyers complaints and request for repairs will be legitimate, but some may not. In fact, some request can be outrageous.

    It’s your job to stay focused on the ball. If you don’t want to comply with the Buyers wishes, you don’t have to. Bottom line the Buyer brings the money to the table. A transaction will not take place without a Buyer. So, keep your cool. It’s just business, not personal.

  1. Unexpected Showings
    Buyers aren’t going to operate on your schedule. When your home is put on the market, you won’t just have your Realtor showing your home, you may have other Realtors and their clients wanting to see the home at almost any time of the day or evening.  It’s important to keep your home in show condition, which is not easy.  People will break appointments, ask to reschedule. Be flexible, and trust that every Buyer who enters your home is a potential Buyer.
  1. Inspections
    Inspections kill more deals than any other single factor besides overpricing. Most homes have some sort of repairs that the home inspector will report. We will work through the repair list and decide what if any repairs you are willing to make.