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How is this process going to work?

It is pretty simple – I am in charge of the process and you are in charge of the decisions. I will do a market analysis for your property, providing you with the tools and information for you to make a knowledgeable decision of where to position your home in the market place to sell.

Positioning your home in the marketplace to sell is your decision. You are also in charge of the decision to hire me to be the agent to market your home.

Once the decision is made that we will be working together to get your home sold, I will get the process going.

The sales commission?

The national average commission charged is 7% – however the standard commission fee that Realist Realty charges for their services is 6%.  Realist Realty offers 3% of the commission to the Buyer’s agent. The commission is received from the Seller at closing.

Will my house sell at an open house?

Most likely not…serious Buyers will come through with their agent at a private showing. You will notice in my marketing plan that I don’t usually do open houses on re-sale properties. However, we can discuss this as we go.

Do I need to sell my home before buying another?

You might, a lender is going to be able to best give you that information. If you do need to sell this home first – then let’s focus on that first.

If you find another home – then you need to check into financing possibilities without selling your home or position your home to sell fast. If it doesn’t you have to be okay with losing the other home.

How will I know about a showing?

You will be contacted by myself or Realist Realty’s showing department to set up a showing. Agents and Buyers should not be contacting you directly. If you are contacted by anyone other than Realist Realty, please inform them that they will need to contact me.

Do I need to leave for showings?

Yes, and please be sure the pets leave too! (If the pets have to be there – be sure to have them kenneled).

Do I need to turn lights on for showings?

Yes, it is appreciated – but don’t expect them to be off when you get home – unless you leave a note asking the showing agent to turn the lights off – they may assume you have another showing after they leave.

How clean does my house need to be to have it for sale?

Extremely clean, especially if you want a Buyer to pay top dollar! Your home should be updated, all maintenance items tended to, Q-tip clean and ready to show at ALL times. The Buyer will look in items that are included in the sale (oven, stove, microwave and refrigerator (these need to be clean as well)

You should also have your yard mowed and trimmed to perfection.

You are selling the largest investment you’ve made – show how proud you are of it!

When can I expect feedback for showings?

I send out a feedback request the day after showing and sometimes the day of; depending on how busy the showing agent is will determine when I get a response. We may never hear back from them if their Buyer doesn’t have any interest or questions for us. When I get feedback I will forward it on to you.

What if the feedback I get is negative?

Do something about it – if you can. Sometimes the feedback is an objection that is out of your control – but if it isn’t make the change if it is feasible.

What if a scheduled showing doesn’t happen?

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this – sometimes Buyers can be rude and not show up for appointments or change their mind at the last minute. Sometimes the showing agent has enough notice to call and cancel, sometimes they don’t.

Why hasn’t my home sold?

If your home isn’t selling in the time frame you are wanting it to – then we will need to discuss changing the price. There is no special marketing gadget that is going to get your home sold. The price needs to be attractive to the Buyer and in good condition to make a Buyer want to BUY IT!